Examples Collected

Please see Examples collected so far to show the patterns of hormone, atopy, and other health conditions.

Hippocrates the Greek Physician first described the symptoms of PMS over 2000 years ago.

The Psychiatrist Maudsley noted that insanity prevailed in a family where diabetes showed itself.

Example 1 – Helen

Example 2 – PMS, Thyroid disease, bone problems. Family history of thyroid disease and diabetes.

Example 3 – Severe PMS, Mother had thyroid disease.

Example 4 – Severe PMS. Mum had thyroid disease.

Example 5 – He is a young man with hayfever, and a stong family history of PMS, PCOS in female family members and thyroid disease, diabetes, hayfever in female/male family members.

Example 6 – PMS and PMS cycle depression, pernicious anaemia, low iron levels, psoriasis and perioral dematitis (the latter of which can be associated with hypothyroidism, although example 6 has had negative blood tests for thyroid disease). Grandad (mum’s side) cholesterol & heart attack, Nana (mum’s side) overactive thyroid, Grandad (dad’s side) pituitary tumour & removal, Grandma (Dad’s side) vitamin B12 deficiency, Mum anaemia.

Example 7 – (Herself and family history combined) Pernicious Anaemia, Hypothyrodism, Diabetes, PMS (with past abusive behaviour), Natal Depression, Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids, Difficult Menopause, Hormone related cancer, Glucoma, Depression, Low moods, Thrush, Hayfever, Asthma, Sensitivity to nicotine, Raynard’s syndrome, vitiligo, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis with high cholesterol and xanthomas around the eyes.

Example 8 – Pernicious Anaemia, Anaemia, Diabetes, PMS (with past anger), Depression, sensitive to caffeine.

Example 9 – Grandmother, Mother, cousin and herself have pernicious anaemia. Mother and herself have anaemia. Mother’s sister and herself have hypothyrodism. Grandad and Auntie have diabetes.

Example 9 has PMS, Depression, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Grandmother on Dad’s side breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Dad had a Pituitary tumour which caused Acromegaly and developed Parkinson’s disease when the tumour was removed, and epilepsy. Mum has Rheumatoid arthritis. Grandad has Glaucoma. In the last few years

Example nine has developed roseaca and a very gassy stomach.

Example 10 – Anaemia, Other thyroid problem, Menopause difficulties, Skin sensitivitiy, food sensitivities (see latex food syndrome and amine intolerance in introduction). Sons have hayfever, and Grandson has eczema.

Example 11 – PMS, Uterine Fibroids, Menopause difficulties, Depression, Low moods, sensitive to cow’s milk, Candida, short-sighted.

Example 12 – Diabetes, Anaemia, Menopause difficulties, Depression, Osteoporosis.

Example 13 – (Herself and family history combined) Pernicious Anaemia, Folic Acid Deficiency, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, PMS, Menopause difficulties, Autism/Aspergers, Behcets disease, Seasonal affective disorder, Bi-polar, Asthama, dermatitis, eating disorder, Blood pressure, stroke, cardiac events, epilepsy, B12 Deficiency, osteoporosis, sleep apnoea, chronic bronchitis, lymphoma, Hypogonadism.

Example 14 – Hypothyrodism, Osteoporosis, Hayfever, skin sensitivities, food sensitivities. Son and daughter have asthma.

Example 15 – PMS, PCOS. No other family history obtained yet.

Example 16 – PMS. Mum PMS and underactive thyroid.

Example 17 – PMS and hayfever. All women on Dad’s side thyroid disese. Younger brother has hayfever and older brother has asthma.

Example 18 – PMS. Mother PMS and thyroid disease.

Example 19 – PMS, Pernicious anaemia, overactive thyroid disease.

Example 20 – PMS and underactive thyroid disease.

Example 21 – PMS and diabetes.

Example 22 – PMS and Premenstrual hashimotos, Graves disease, thyroid lump (refer to Helen’s thyroid nodule – example one).

Example 23 – PMS, PND, Latex allergy (includes wheat) and hayfever. Mum had PMS. Son has Autism.

Example 24 – PMS, thyroid disease, hayfever. Daughter has PMS, PCOS, hayfever.

Example 25 – PMS. Mother has thyroid disease.

Example 26 – (Husband and Wife) Family history of thyroid diseae and diabetes on both sides. The wife has PMS and PCOS. Both are Atopic and so is their son.

Example 27 – PMS and allergies. Mum has diabetes.

Example 28 – PMS and allergic to wheat. Granny thyroid disease and allergic to wheat. Uncle diabetes and allergic to wheat.

Example 29 – PMS, PND, psorisis.

Example 30 – PMS, underactive thyroid, endometriosis, hyperplasia.

Example 31 – PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, adenomyosis, vitiligo, eczema. Mum had fibroids. Grandmother diabetic. Aunt thyroid disease.

Example 32 – PMS, PND, underactive thyroid, hayfever, asthma. Family history of diabetes.

Example 33 – PMS, PND and is recently doing well with estrogen patches after seeing a gynaecologist.

Example 34 – PMS. Mum thyroid disease, and lupus. Mum’s Gran thyroid disease, Mum’s Aunt Thyroid disease. Strong family history of Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis on both sides of the family.

Example 35 – PMS, asthma and eczema. Grandmother diabetes. Brother hayfever.

Example 36 – PMS, endometriosis. Mum has wheat intolerance (coeliac). Sister has insulin problems.

Example 37 – PMS, hypothyroidism, vitiligo, wheat sensitivity – allergic to elastoplast and penicillin. Two brothers also have vitiligo.

Example 38 – PMS (with past violence), low moods, anaemia. Mum has diabetes.

Example 39 – PMS, underactive thyroid, menopause difficulties, raised cholesterol. Brother has diabetes. Mother died of heart attack aged 42. Son has asthma.

Example 40 – PMS, fibrous breasts, hypothyroidism, osteopenia, cycle depression. Grandmother hyperthyoidism. Mother osteoarthritis. Sister seasonal affective disorder. Niece histiocytosis.

Example 41 – PMS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, menopause difficulties, anaemia, hypothyroidism, diabetes, depression. Sensitive to alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. History of abusive behaviour.

Example 42 – PMS, anaemia, dermatitis. Grandmother thyroid disease and Mother had mood changes during pregnancy.

Example 43 – Depression. His Mother had depression. Aunt had underactive thyroid disease.

Example 44 – violence with change of contraceptives. Eczema. Sensitive to caffeine.

Example 45 – PMS, natal depression and pre-eclampsia, menopause difficulties, Pernicious anaemia (B12), Kidney stones, anaemia, diabetes, cycle depression, low moods, depression, osteoporosis, dry skin, hayfever, acid reflux, collection of fat around stomach and hips. Older Sister had PMS, was violent, and example 45 feels that she commited PMS related suicide aged 34. Mother allergic to lactose and had IBS. Dad had diabetes. Brother allergies. Younger Sister had blood clots and missing Protein C. Son hay fever and asthma, which went with bone marrow transplant for Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Example 46 (Husband of example 45) – Pernicious anaemia aged 28, diabetic, arthritis, thinning of hair and erectile dysfunction, low moods despite taking antidepressant (amine – serotonin uptake rehibitor) for dumping syndrome, IBS, overactive bladder, raised cholesterol, hiatus hernia. Mother’s sister had pernicious anaemia.

Example 47 – Father, Aunt (also Addison’s disease) and sister hyperthyroidism. Mother, three Sisters and Uncle psorisis.

Example 48 – PMS and PMS cycle depression, anaemia, hay fever.

Example 49 – PMS and PMS cycle depression, Anaemia. Family history of Alzheimers.

Example 50 – See Nicola Owen in the research section (and Internet – Nicola Owen on Amazon ISBN )552 139467). Nicola Owen’s book makes reference to the fact that she had asthma, excema, menstrual epilepsy, and it has since been established that she has a family history of Hay fever and food intolerances. Nicola, her Mother and Sister all have wheat intolerance. And there is a strong family history of diabetes on Nicola’s mum’s side which is late onset.  Both Nicola and Helen (example 1) had their Adenoids removed as children…see sinus congestion and hormone changes on net. A younger member of Nicola’s family has recently been diagnosed with PMS and deranged insulin levels.

Example 51 – see Helen’s family history (example 1) as related. PMS and Gallstones.

Example 52 – PMS, Gall bladder removed due to gallstones. Asthma and food sensitivities.

Example 53 – PMS, Pernicious anaemia, uterine polyps, mood changes in pregnancy and isolating herself, transverse myelitis, bone problems, perimenopause and menopause problems, hayfever, chocolate intolerance (see amine intolerance) and plantain (similar to green banana) intolerance, dairy intolerance, ?dyslexia and has dyspraxia. Has a past history of PMS related violence, self abuse, self vandalism, and has avoided assault and theft. Has binge drank in the past, sensitive to caffeine, and has taken heroine and crack cocaine in the past. Grandmother had pernicious anaemia. Mother had PMS, cervical and lung cancer. one son diagnosed with Aspergers and two sons undiagnosed but with problems, all four chidren diagnosed with dyslexia, two children have vilitigo.

Example 54 – PMS and hay fever.

Example 55 – PMS, hay fever, asthma, skin and food sensitivities. Women on dad’s side have diabetes.

Example 56 – PMS, infertile, endometriosis. Mum diabetic.

Example 57 – PMS, hay fever, asthma, PND, Crohn’s disease.

Example 58 – PMS, PND, underactive thyroid, eye allergy, dermititis on hands and very sensitive skin.

Example 59 – PMS, wheat intolerance, dyspraxia.

Example 60 – PMS, hay fever, eczema (so does daughter). Mum had PND.

Example 61 – PMS, underactive thyroid, lactose intolerant. Dad and both sisters underactive thyroid. Dad vitiligo and gall bladder removed. Mum ovarian cancer and pernicious anaemia.

Example 62 – PMS, hay fever and IBS with banana and wheat intolerance.

Example 63 – This man has diabetes (with past abusive behaviour), low testosterone, thin bones, scizophrenia, depression, psorisis, allergy to strawberries (see latex fruit syndrome). His dad had diabetes. His daughter has PMS, natal depression, hay fever, latex allergy, allergic to blueberries and shellfish.

Example 64 – PMS, goitre. Mum had PMS and hysterectomy at age 41. Both grandmothers had thyroid disease.

Example 65 – Two sisters with PMS and food intolerances. Mum has diabetes.

Example 66 – PMS, thyroid problems, hay fever, asthma, lactose intolerance, wheat intolerance, other allergies, diagnosed chronic daily headache syndrome and eye migrane with migrane auras.

Example 67 – PMS and tends to have allergic reactions two weeks of PMS, IBS or food intolerances. Marternal Grandmother thyroid problems, diabetes, and hysterectomy for uterine fibroids.

Example 68 – PMS, borderline diabetes, atopic nature. Mum has had PMS. Nan, uncle, cousin diabetes.

Example 69 – PMS, sinus problems, hypoglycemia. Family history of PMS, diabetes, gallstones.

Example 70 – PMS, underactive thyroid, osteoporosis/osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, addison’s disease, systemic lupus (SLE), hay fever, asthma. Mum had non – typical thyroid disease (symptoms of both hypo and hyper, but mostly the latter), multiple sclerosis, strokes, brittle bones (as it was called in those days). Son – ? ADHD/personality disorder, substance misuse.

Example 71 – PMS, hayfever, uterine fibroids. Brother has diabetes.

Example 72 – PMS, Dermoid cyst. Diabetes in the family.

Example 73 – PMS, thyroid disease, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, atopic, learning difficulties, Family history of the same.

Example 74 – PMS. Family history of PMS and thyroid disease.

Example 75 – PMS, atopic. Family history of PMS, hypothyroidism, gluten/wheat intolerance, gallstones.

Example 76 – Diabetic, breast cancer (no PMS or menopause problems), Uterine fibroids. Mum ovarian cancer, heart problems. Dad diabetic (his mum alcoholic). Sister alcholic (no note of PMS due to limited contact). Daughter severe PMS, endometriosis, alcholic. Son reactive hypoglycemia.

Example 77 – PMS, hay fever. Mum had hyperthyroidism before removal of thyroid gland.

Example 78 – PMS, thyroid disease, hayfever. Mum PMS, thyroid disease, hayfever.

Example 79 – PMS. Mum has thyroid disease. Energy problems.

Example 80 – PMS, thyroid disease, M.E/chronic fatigue.

Example 81 – PMS, hypothyroid, hay fever, amine intolerance, migranes (? both menstrual and pure types), two strokes. Mum thyroid disease. Mum’s mum hayfever and strokes. Grandad hay fever and bowel cancer. Daughter PMS. Son behavioural problems.

Example 82 – PMS, thyroid disease. Mum had thyroid disease.

Example 83 – Cannot tolerate contraceptives (? PMS due to behaviour), atopic nature. Family history of thyroid disease.

Example 84 – PMS, hypoglycemia, uticaria. Mum PMS and diabetes. Mum’s mum diabetes and hay fever.

Example 85 – PMS, sinus problems, hay fever, menstrual migranes, irregular bleeding, hypoglycemia. Family history of strokes and heart problems.

Example 86 – PMS, personality disorder. Mum thyroid disease.

Example 87 – PMS, PCOS. Mum period problems in past. Mum’s mum thyroid disease.

Example 88 – PMS, underactive thyroid, uterine fibroids, gallbladder cysts, history of depression. Grandson ? has Aspergers or other.

Example 89 – Severe PMS treated with Mirena coil, hay fever, gallbladder removed due to gallstones.  Mum had severe PMS before removal of womb, however depression and mood swings continued.  Maternal Grandad and his siblings had type 1 diabetes, unreasonable behaviour/mental health issues, and was abusive.

Example 90 – PMS. Mum had PMS and has hayfever. No information available re. Mum’s parents health.

Example 91 – PMS before difficult menopause, asthma and hay fever. Mum had PMS, diabetes and asthma. Sister PMS, diabetes. Brother diabetes. Son hayfever. Grandson multiple allergies/atopic, and intolerance to fish and eggs.

Example 92 – PMS, pernicious anaemia, sinus problems.

Example 93 – Headaches and panic attacks around menstruation. Mum depression, OCD. Brother thyroid disease. Mum’s mum diabetes, heart problems.

Example 94 – Mild/moderate PMS, diabetes, atopic, gallstones. Mum diabetes, atopic. Dad pernicious anaemia. Sister thyroid disease, severe PMS. Daughter PMS, asthma, kidney stones (see parathyroid in thyroid section on this site).

Example 95 – PMS, thyroid disease, atopic, high blood pressure. Mum pernicious anaemia. Sister PMS, diabetes. Other sister PMS, difficult menopause (her grandaughter has nut allergy), Daughter PMS. Family history of endometriosis, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain tumour.

Example 96 – PMS with euphoria more than dysphoria, Pseudomyopia (see hormone/menstruation changes and the eyes). Other females in the family have PMS.

Example 97 – PMS, borderline diabetes, atopic. Daughter PMS, atopic, aspergers. Son ? Dyslexia. Sister and her children also have problems.

Example 98 – PMS, self-harm. Family history of both diabetes and thyroid disease.

Example 99 – Young man with hayfever, dyslexia. Family history of PMS, thyroid disease, atopic, gallstones, cardiovascular disease.

Example 100 – PMS, underactive thyroid disease, hayfever. Family history of PMS, thyroid disease, atopic.

Example 101 – Mild PMS, hayfever, asthma, mood related problems with pregnancy. Family history of PMS, thyroid disease, atopic.

Example 102 – PMS, self harm but diagnosed as not being depressed.

Example 103 – Man with hayfever. Mother had natal depression, psychiatric history, suicide after menopause. Family unable to confirm PMS or any other hormone problem due to lack of discussion/diagnosis. Often bought things then returned them to the shop, or gave/threw things away as can occur with PMS episodes.

Example 104 – PMS, hayfever. Family history of thyroid disease.

Example 105 – PMS. Family history of diabetes on dad’s side.

Example 106 – PMS, hayfever, addison’s disease. Family history of thyroid disease.

Example 107 – PMS, irritable bowel, heart problem. Mum hypertention, sibling diabetes (brothers and sisters).

Example 108 – Young Man with asthma, eczema, hayfever, depression, insomnia. Mum’s mum PMS, overactive thyroid, asthma. Mum PMS, asthma, insomnia, anaemia, overactive thyroid. Sister PMS, depression, insomnia – her daughter has eczema and hayfever. No note of three brothers, but one brother has a child with hayfever and eczema.

Example 109 – PMS, borderline thyroid disease, hayfever, asthma, latex allergy/latex food syndrome.

Example 110 – PMS, hayfever, wheat intolerance. Family history of thyroid disease and diabetes (mother and siblings).

Example 111 – PMS, periods of depression, diabetes, hayfever, due to have parathyroid removed due to excess calcium. No similar health problems on mum’s side. No knowledge of health problems on dad’s side, except dad has prostate cancer.

Example 112 – PMS. Sister PMS. Dad borderline thyroid disease. Atopic family history.

Example 113 – PMS, allergic to cats. Sister PMS, and her son has type 1 diabetes.

Example 114 – PMS, menopause problems, Pernicious anaemia.

Example 115 – PMS with anxiety, low mood (rather than depression), weepiness and irritability. Grandma diabetes.

Example 116 – PMS with pure migranes. Dad diabetic, parkinson’s disease (see parkinson’s disease and dopamine/serotonin. PMS and serotonin/dopamine on net). Dad’s dad diabetic, stroke.

Example 117 – Elderly man with hayfever. Family history of diabetes, and women with moods.

Example 118 – Young woman with PMS, hayfever, eczema, other allergies, treatment for low moods.

Example 119 – PMS (without dysphoria), hayfever, asthma, excema, food sensitivities, charcot-marie-tooth (peripheral myelin protein-22 PMP-22) and other information on net: National Institute of Neurological Disorders)…HMNS type 1 (also see hereditary sensory and motor neuropathy, ehlers danlos syndrome, and myelin sheath/multiple sclerosis). All the women in the family had PMS before menopause, or have PMS (including mother and sisters) and her daughter has just started menstruation and reports painful and heavy periods. Family history of thyroid disease (son has diabetes) and atopic nature. All five siblings of example 119 have HMNS (type 1) and her daughter has sever’s disease, and repeated tonsilitis (see adenoids example 50).

Example 119 was also born with a cleft palate and cleft lip. See charcot-marie-tooth support on net. Helen (example 1 above) also has and has a family history of high foot arch and hammer toes (3rd toe on each foot) like example 119.

Example 120 – PMS, food sensitivities.

Example 121 – PMS, hayfever, endometriosis, stroke. Mum diabetic, strokes, heart attacks.

Example 122 – PMS, endometriosis. Dad diabetic.

Example 123 – Overactive thyroid until iodine treatment and now underactive, strokes. Daughter mild PMS before menopause, hayfever. Other daughter behavioural problems and depression before suicide several years ago (? PMS)…her daughter has diabetes.

Example 124 – PMS, asthma, latex allergy, anaemia. Grandma diabetic, alzheimers. Mum PMS, menopause problems, diabetic, white skin patches (see vitiligo in other examples above). Oldest son of example 124 has asthma and youngest son was positive to G6PD (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency) blood test and associated food sensitivities (also see oxidative stress, anaemia, cardiovascular, etc, in G6PD wikipedia).

Example 125 – Mild PMS/heavy periods, hayfever and also allergic to bee stings, chocolate (see amine intolerance), strawberries (see latex food syndrome), chicken, antibiotics. Grandma and Mum diabetic. Brother and Sister have asthma.

Example 126 – Mild PMS, uterine fibroids. Mum thyroid disease.

Example 127 – PMS with low moods, hayfever, fibroids, chrohns disease. Mum (full history not known) gallstones, alzheimers (see related information section). Sister PMS, IBS. Brother diabetes. Grandaughter milk sensitivity. All the women in the family have had early menopause so far.

Example 128 – PMS. Sister PMS and menstrual epilepsy. Thyroid disease and diabetes on mum’s side.

Example 129 – PMS, hayfever, asthma. Mum thyroid disease.

Example 130 – PMS with depression. Mum thyroid disease. Pernicious anaemia on female line.

Example 131 – This man has hayfever, had disruptive behaviour as a child, and has mood swings as an adult. His dad has diabetes.

Example 132 – PMS, hayfever. Dad has diabetes.

Example 133 – PMS and postnatal depression. Son has hayfever, asthma, dyslexia. Brother hayfever. No similar history on mum’s side, but does not know health history on dad’s side.

Example 134 – PMS and multiple allergies. Mum PMS, postnatal depression, hrt required for difficult menopause, gallbladder removed due to gallstones, high cholesterol. Mum’s mum late onset diabetes, angina, stroke, cancer of the liver and stomach.

Example 135 – PMS, borderline thyroid disease, hayfever/allergies/IBS. Dad diabetes. Mum has MS and alzheimers.

Example 136 – PMS/ difficult menopause, hypothyroidism, fibroids, hayfever, TIA (mini stroke). If you would like to collect your own examples to raise awareness please ask people in your local community about their family health history, people in surrounding areas/out of area, or by accessing the links provided on this site such as those relating to, PMS, thyroid, diabetes, and atopic. Show the examples you have collected to your local health authority, or other to generate more interest.

Example 137 – PMS, hyperthyroid, hayfever.

Example 138 – PMS before difficult menopause, diabetes. Son has mental health problems/behavioural problems.

Example 139 – PMS, migranes, gallstones and gallbladder removed. Mum PMS, hyperthyroid, diabetes, migranes, stroke. Sister PMS, diabetes, stroke. Brother high BP, kidney stones. Daughter PMS, migranes. Other daughter PMS, hayfever, migranes. Son migranes, mood swings. Husband thyroid disease, diabetes, hayfever, bad heart, schizophrenia.

Example 140 – PMS, gluten intolerance. Mum thyroid disease. Son hay fever.

Example 141 – PMS, atopic nature including digestive upset/wheat intolerance and skin irritations including latex allergy, prone to candida and boils. Dad ME, Bullous Pemphigoid, IBS (ulcers on his side of family). Daughter died of Leukemia aged 8 years.

Example 142 – Mild PMS, PCOS and has taken metformin, atopic with hayfever and asthma. Thyroid disease and diabetes in family.

Example 143 – PMS, hayfever, IBS. Mum PMS, hayfever.

Example 144 – PMS/difficult menopause, hayfever, diabetes, angina, strokes, gallstones, kidney disease, cervical spondilosis.

Example 145 – Mild PMS, depression, epilepsy from childhood, gallstones.

Example 146 – Man with diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver/deranged liver function tests (see hormones and the liver). Mum mild PMS, colitis. Maternal Grandad diabetes.

Example 147 – Severe PMS, depression, PCOS, gallstones/gallbladder removal. Allergy/sensitivity to wheat, gluten, dairy (see dairy enzymes destroyed due to gluten on net), tomatoes, eggs, citrus. Sister also has severe PMS, depression, and IBS.

Example 148 – Man with prostate cancer, hayfever, IBS (including sensitivity to fats and dairy), excessive sweating, hypoglycemia/reduced energy spells, heart problems/heart by-pass. Dad died of heart problems at an early age. Sister mood swings for a number of years, colitis. Other sister mood swings, diverticulitis, kidney failure. Daughter of example 148 has mood swings. National News. Suicide Prevention Strategy launched, 10/9/12- The Department of Health has launched a new cross-government strategy ‘Preventing Suicide in England’ on World Suicide Prevention Day. The strategy supports action by bringing together knowledge about groups at higher risk of suicide, applying evidence of effective interventions and highlighting resources available. For more information go to the Department of Health Website.

Example 149 – Man with hay fever and dairy intolerance. Mum had natal/post natal depression and many years of depression before suicide. Tendency to throw things away, give things away, and buy items on impulse.

Example 150 – Severe PMS with heavy bleeding and difficulty getting pregnant before menopause, diverticulitis, mini stokes with raised cholesterol.

Example 151 – Some angry feelings with mentruation before present pregnancy, hay fever, asthma, uticaria, celiac disease and wheat intolerance. Family history of thyroid disease, diabetes, celiac disease. First child is being tested regularly for celiac disease as it is also on her husband’s side of the family.

Example 152 – Mild PMS, wheat and gluten sensitivity, heart problems, ongoing tests re. pre – diabetes. Grandma had diabetes. Mum died young due to kidney disease.

Example 153 – Severe PMS, Mini stroke (T.I.A) and hypertention. Grandmother Diabetes.

Example 154 – Elderly man with Diabetes and hayfever.

Example 155 – PMS, celiac disease. Dad pernicious anaemia. Sister thyroid disease and celiac disease. Daughter celiac disease. Schmidt’s Syndrome (John Hopkins Centre – see net) Refers to a combination of autoimmune diseases.

Example 156 – PMS, endometriosis, hypothyroid, asthma, skin problems. Reports that mum was moody.

Example 157 – PMS, pernicious anaemia, seizures, behchet’s disease.

Example 158 – Severe PMS before B12 injections for pernicious anaemia that came with a guilt complex, hayfever, asthma, psorisis. Mum pernicious anaemia. Mum’s mum heart disease. Dad’s sister thyroid disease.

Example 159 – PMS, hayfever/severe nasal congestion, borderline diabetes. Mum PMS, diabetic. Sister PMS, hypothyroid disease. Brother high blood pressure. Dad hayfever. Dad’s brother high blood pressure. Mum’s dad prostate cancer. Mum’s sister hypothyroid disease, cervical cancer (other sister has hayfever/severe sinus congestion).

Example 160 – PMS (hysterectomy due to excessive bleeding), periods continued throughout pregnancy, celiac disease and hypothyroid disease, breast cancer, psorisis with sun which was treated successfully with vitamin D (see energy and sun in the immune system section). Asthmatic women may face worsening of symptoms due to menstrual cycle, Kathy Jones, 10/11/12, Medindia. Also see asthma and latex food syndrome/salicylate sensitivity in the immune system section. Cardiovascular disease risk in women could be predicted by timing of first menstrual cycle, Rukmani Krishna, 15/11/12, Medindia (also see Age of menstruation predicts cardiovascular disease risk on net).

Example 161 – Mild PMS with long menstrual cycle, hay fever, wheat intolerance, diviticulitits, asthma, MS. Mum and dad heart problems. Mum rheumatoid arthritis. Several members on mum’s side with asthma. Cousin diabetes…the daughter of example 1 dad’s twin sister and mum’s brother.

Example 162 – Severe PMS, hay fever. Mum and Dad both have diabetes. Family history of hay fever and heart problems.Unfortunately a number of women with hormone problems are resorting to hysterectomy to help with hormone problems such as PMS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, etc.   For those considering hysterectomy you may want to make sure that you have tried all other treatment options first as it may be possible that you may just find the right one for you without having to have surgery. Some women interviewed share differing stories to hysterectomy and a number of women report problems post surgery whether elective or not, problems balancing hormones afterwards, and inadequate aftercare. Also, please do not be rushed into making any decisions regarding surgery, make sure that you have all the information at hand, and try not to be influenced by those who have already had the surgery and may urge you to do the same. Some say that it can take up to two years after organ removal to balance hormones with treatment, if at all, however one PMS sufferer reports that she is still ‘ ‘hormonally challenged’ after three years. Another claims that that she is low and unhappy due to surgical menopause…with crying out for estrogen, hot flushes, headaches, night sweats, joint pains, and extreme tiredness. Organ removal was first performed a long time ago and surely it is time to develop more treatments/or a cure to prevent this.Remember that Analogues and add-back HRT such as zoladex, prostap, livial, kilovance, etc, can be taken long-term and adjusted to suit the individual.Please see the HERS Foundation. CAH – Campaign Against Hysterectomy.  Assault on our womanhood (6/3/07), Sandra Simpkin.Myomectomy for Fibroids…The operation that could save countless women from hysterectomy, but your doctor may not have heard about it (Anna Hodgekiss, 2/10/12)…But what is causing Fibroids in the first place causing a need for any operation/surgery?

Example 163 – PMS was not established due to the situation. Celiac disease, family history of diabetes.

Example 164 – Severe PMS befoe menopause, hypothyroid, hypertention and stroke, hay fever, asthma, celiac disease/IBS, depression, gallbladder removal. Mum had PMS/mood swings and hypothyroid in later life with weight gain…mum’s sister had thyroid goitre. Daughter has hay fever. Son has hayfever and IBS.

Example 165 – Severe PMS, fruit intolerance (see latex food syndrome) with digestive upset.

Example 166 – Mild/moderate PMS, hay fever, celiac disease.

Example 167 – PMS was not established due to the situation. Hypothyroid disease. Daughter has celiac disease.

Example 168 – Severe PMS, atopic with extremely dry skin, binge drinker. Both Mum and maternal Gran diabetes. Son atopic. Sister severe PMS, atopic, long standing mental health problems with several suicide attempts before unfortunately acheiving suicide.

Example 169 – PMS with irregular periods, IBS. Brother has hay fever.

Example 170 – PMS with low mood/euphoria, endometriosis, headaches, breast lumps, sinusitis and mild hay fever, asthma, IBS with wheat sensitivity, dysphraxia, previous suicide attempts x 2. Twin sister has severe PMS, severe hay fever and other allergies, IBS. Son has hay fever, asthma, dyspraxia, aspergers, growth problems as a child (small for age), early puberty with excess hair. Mother hyperthyroid, PMS, mini strokes and vascular dementia with hypertention, anaemia, pre-diabetes. Maternal grandma died after strokes but no other health history known. Anaemia runs in the family.

Example 171 – This man has been having investigations into MS. He is atopic with IBS and sensitivity to wheat, gluten, and dairy. His sister has PMS and IBS. Both parents have died so no known health history.

Example 172 – PMS, atopic with asthma Sister PMS, type 1 diabetes, declined total hysterectomy and later had a baby. Daughter PMS, atopic, pre-diabetes, dyslexia, dyspraxia, special needs/learning differences (below avaerage age intelligence in some respects), monitored for suicide due to risk. Son is atopic, special needs (below average age intelligence in some respects, ADHD, and autism), social/society phobia. Mum PMS and thyroid disease. Dad diabetes (type II). Cardiovascular disease on both maternal and parternal side of the family.

Example 173 – PINK the entertainer is reported to have PMS (see Cosmopolitan magazine) and also asthma (see net). No other health history is known.

Example 174 – Severe period problems and trouble conceiving before menopause, hay fever, mini strokes with raised blood pressure/cholesterol and treatment to prevent bigger strokes.

Example 175 – Severe PMS which has improved with treatment for pernicious anaemia, depression and 3 suicide attempts in the past, calcium deficiency. Both children have asthma.

Example 176 – Severe PMS, atopic. Mum diabetes, atopic, heart problems.

Example 177 – Severe PMS before menopause, severe hay fever. Cousin has diabetes.

Example 178 – PMS was not discussed, diabetes. Son and grandson have coeliac disease.

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